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Cosmic Arts & Healing 
with Marina Tselner


🎨 🖍 ✏️ ✂️ 📓 🎨

Starting January 23rd,

we'll meet for a total of 10 weeks:

choose either Mondays, Thursdays, or both:

Mondays @9am- 10:30am PST 

Thursdays @4pm-5:30pm PST

Bonus Sundays:

Feb 5 & March 5 

@9am- 10:30am PST @4pm-5:30pm PST 

the DAYS


downloadable guidebooks:

For the first two weeks we'll get situated and create the covers for your journal, prepare your journal, and set intentions for your experience. Book your onboarding call meanwhile if you're up for it! and start collecting supplies during this time. 

🎨 🖍 ✏️ ✂️ 📓 💕

how to make a Cosmic Smashbook, namely preparing the journal & setting your intention.

Finish preparing your creative portal... smashing pages, gilding, adding pockets, activation etc.

Review the foundational cycle of 7 pages and start the cycle.

... starting with Grounding Pages.

... starting with Resting Pages.

... starting with Restore Pages.

... starting with Revolution Pages.

... starting with Evolution Pages.

... starting with Resisting Pages.

... starting with Reveal Pages.

Prescribe yourself some new pages and choose your own theme. I like to add "Forgiveness pages" to my cycle. And "Learning pages"... where you make artwork based on notes you take while learning a subject. This helps to learn the subject on a subconscious, pre-lingual, and deeper level.


Or simply finish any of your pages and enjoy the completion of a new cycle! Celebrate, Rinse & Repeat. (◠‿◠✿)



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Telegram instructions & goodie bag coming soon!

see you!

Looking forward!


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